Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Yards I've adopted

Edit: Before picture for yard 4 added.

Before and after pics for the yards in my alley that I've claimed.

Yard 1 - before

Yard 1 - after.
Raspberry near fence planted in tire salvaged from yard 2.

Yard 2 - before

Yard 2 - after (that's pumpkin growing along the fence)

Yard 3 has no before. Raspberry bush failed. Sunflower lives!
Yard 4 - before

Yard 4 - after.
Not mowed because my cord won't reach this far. But it shows what I've been doing to yards 1, 2, and 3.

Yard 5 - before

Yard 5 - after.
Fence "mended" using a broken come-along and wiring I pulled from my house. 

Thanks to the people at the incinerator for their help in cleaning the yards so I could start caring for them.
Thanks to Baltimore for showing up two months after the new dumping was reported and stringing litter down the alley. I doubt I would have put in fences if you responded in a timely manner.

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