Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Links: July 19

Jenny McCarthy's son was never autistic. [link]
Called. It!

Game: BRICK[bricksmash]SMASH - a nested brickout style game. [link]

Game: ... :D - you sort of touch colored dots to move the walls to get the green dot while avoiding the red dots. [link]

And Moses said "Let my people have pensions." [link]

How is the electricity you use generated? Just feed it your zip code. [link]

We've had transparent aluminum since 1981. [link]
I knew we had it, I just didn't know how long we've had it. 

Wyoming only has two escalators. One up and one down. Or did in 2008. [link]

A teacher's guide on how to talk culture to students. [link]

Feed this site ingredients and it'll feed you recipes. [link]

Cat trying to soothe a fussy baby.

Slaughterhouse tour traumatizes children. [link]

Animal armor. [link]

Iowa Supreme Court decides that women apparently have no say in whether their boss has an affair with them. [link]

PornStarter. [link]

Turkish millionaire gets a fish fence. [link]

Fans of retro-phrenology (smacking people on the head to make lumps pleasing to fortune tellers) may want to look into this palmistry equivalent. [link]

How to become the British Monarch.

In my case I pretty much have to start by sterilizing the whole island and then see who's left. 

CostCo shopping tips. [link]

Don't set your laptop on this magnetic table. [link]

McDonalds financial planning service for employees proves that someone working two full time jobs there will still be homeless. [link]

What if we drained the oceans? [link]

Poured salt art. [link]

Cameras that can track extremely fast moving objects.

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