Friday, July 05, 2013

Friday Links: July 5

The Glitch: You've seen clipping errors and other glitches in video games before. Here one gets out of control.

Nap Time: For when your horrible child won't shut up.

Demonstration of NeverWet hydrophobic coating.

I'd love to see video of the company paintball tournament. 

Cursor chasing orca. [link]

Man sets mouse on fire. Mouse sets man's house on fire. [link]

A map of the most famous company from each state. [link]

Mississippi is no longer the worst place to be a kid. [link]

Do these new stats mean that the Voting Rights Act isn't needed or IS working? The Supreme Court thinks it's the former. [link]

This'll be hard on the price of diamonds. [link]
Get it? Diamonds? Hard!?

Proposed Ohio law to put restrictions on how men get Viagra. It's in response to a new bill restricting abortions to before women know they're pregnant. [link]

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