Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yard pics

Here's some of what I've got growing in my Baltimore yard. Well, to be honest, pots in my Baltimore yard. I don't trust the soil, yet.
My grape vines didn't transplant as well as I would have liked, but they soon started coming back from the root. 

This hibiscus came with the house. The stuff growing around it met a horrible fate and this almost joined it. I'm glad I spared it. Did you know that you can eat these?

Don't eat the ants.

My favorite picture of the hibiscus.

That's my orange tree grown from a found seed in the back.
Citronella is in front of it but behind the bird bath.
Hops are growing up the cables to the right.
Yummy's basil is up front.

Much like the grapes, this blackberry didn't take the move well. But it's coming back from the root.  And it turned out I left some root in DC, too. The neighbors are getting some blackberries.
I'm not sure what the ground cover vine that shares the pot is. 

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