Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Book Review: A Hundred Words for Hate

I finished reading "A Hundred Words for Hate" by Thomas Sniegoski this weekend. It's part of the Remy Chandler series. The series is about an angel who turned from Heaven after the great war and went to live as a human. Today he works as a private detective, has conversations with his dog, and mourns his recently passed wife.

I didn't like this book as much as some of the others in this series. I think it may have been my fault, though. I always read on the front porch of the Baltimore house where there were lots of distractions and a metal chair. Also, it took awhile to figure out what was going on. The action kept jumping around from person to person and place to place and it took awhile for things to start coming together. Between that and the uncomfortable chair/neighborhood action I was pretty lost.

Here's the short version. God had a lab assistant when making humans. The assistant made his own creation but God dismissed it out of hand. So he planted larvae for these creatures in the Garden of Eden before it was closed and cast away so it couldn't be used as a strategic stronghold for Satan to reattack Heaven. Now, Eden is coming back and bringing the grown larvae with it. Their creator wants to bring them forth to destroy the angels and take over Heaven. But to get into Eden he needs Adam and a particular descendant of Eve to forgive each other and open the gates.

The story isn't bad, but it didn't feel well told. And Remy Chandler was almost unnecessary. I still recommend the series, but don't start with this particular book.

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