Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Links: July 12

Free cruise ship. You pick up. [link]

Don't Touch Pac-Man

Barbie with human proportions. [link]
Barbie looks so screwed up because originally her clothes were made with normal fabrics which added a lot of bulk. 

Audio used to scare Vietnamese enemy troops.

Church websites are 3 times more likely to give you a virus than a porn site. [link]

The guy who invented tiramisu has a couple of bakeries in Baltimore. [link]

Aerial view of the French WWI trench system. [link]

Watermelons come from Egypt. [link]

Dog heads out car windows compilation. The music is what makes it.

Spectacular Russian rocket failure.

Something for the greenhouse. [link]

It may now be possible to do a head transplant. [link]

Human powered helicopter finished.

A point about torches.

Orlando Bloom having fun with a Lord of the Rings music video as he says goodbye to the character.

Making a small lathe from an old sewing machine.

New tech for arm casts. [link]

Implanted headphones. [link]

I kept seeing the animated gif version. This is "Thunderstruck" on bagpipes.

The last Terminator trilogy that was supposed to take place during the robot war has apparently been cancelled. No surprise considering how poorly the first movie did. Instead, they're rebooting it. [link]

California has been sterilizing prisoners. [link]

Benedict Cumberbatch wanted for Frankenstein. [link]

Minibus toaster. [link]

If you think the postal service isn't tracking mail, think again. [link]

Make your own drone. [link]

A new twist to make Tic-Tac-Toe interesting. [link]

Words to get people to agree with you. [link]
Power words are the enemy.

An unpassable literacy test used by Louisiana in the 60's. [link]

How to be happier. [link]

Photon garden. [link]

Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan of New York authorized payments of as much as $20,000 to sexually abusive priests... [link]

More about how doctors prefer to die. [link]

What people are making with 3D printers. [link]

The Death and Life of Detroit. [link]
Reads a lot like Baltimore. Only Detroit residents are trying to rebuild.

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