Sunday, September 23, 2012

Special Edition: Farewell to Cul De Sac

Sunday is the final strip of Cul De Sac. Richard Thompson's Parkinson's has gotten to where he can't draw to his standards. The heads get squished and it starts to look like Family Circus. We certainly can't be having that. One is too many. And sure, John Callahan was quadriplegic and cartooning, but he didn't have to produce daily and his art was rubbish.

You can read the strip at

You can find his books at most new book stores.
Children at Play
Shapes and Colors
This Exit
The Mighty Alice

It's gonna be hard to find a signed copy of his latest book, "The Mighty Alice", but I've got one complete with DNA sample. Some day we'll create Cartoonist Park filled with Richard Thompson clones made from my book! Part cartoonist and part oak tree due to the discount cloners and that they're getting the sample from a book.

If you're really sharp, you can even find a collection from his other comic, Richard's Poor Almanac. And Team Cul De Sac books are still available to raise money for the Michael J Fox Foundation.

And, Richard, you're a cartoonist clear through. You can't just stop. Hopefully, once they have ol' sparky installed in your head, we can hope to see a collection of newer, post retirement stuff in 10 years or so.

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