Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sod Off Wednesday: Mumtembur the whadeverteenth

This was suppose to go live yesterday.

So I spent something like... I dunno... hours, lots of hours, at this computer, in the office, going through these hundreds or thousands of pictures and sorting or deleting them. I was looking for pictures that included this particular strange color of green because of reasons. And then, after the longest day of longest days, something horrible happened. I woke up.

Sudafed can SOD OFF!

I try not to use Sudafed too much. In Kansas it's pretty much a requirement. Oxygen, water, copious amounts of antihistamines, and Sudafed. The water is there not for hydration, but to wash down the antihistamines and Sudafed. But in DC it's supplemental. Or, it's supplemental now that I'm going to an allergist. I didn't used to need it. For my next visit I've got to tell him to stop dicking around and hit me with the good stuff. Assume my nostrils are Hiroshima and Nagasaki and nuke the shit out of them. Because that 24 hour antihistamine stuff isn't lasting 12 hours and the supplemental stuff isn't covering the loss. Thus, the Sudafed is there so I don't drown in snot in my sleep. That's how I'm gonna die, you know. 80 years old, in the hospital with a nasty flu or something, and I won't have the strength to clear the boogers in my throat and I'll suffocate.

I'm a bit off topic. The point here is that Sudafed really messes with me. Benadryl doesn't make me sleepy. Sudafed, however, when taken daily, can destroy my ability to sleep. When taken once every few days the effects are lessened. Only one or two doses messes with my dreams. They become epic sagas with plots, sub-threads, themes, symbolism and other stuff that made you cry "bullshit" at your old English teacher. One of those dreams was the one I was talking about at the beginning of this post. It lasted most of the night. All except for the parts of the evening when I was awake.

Match that with these new hours of mine. To be at work by 7:30 I'm out the door by 6:00 so the alarm goes off at 5:30. I'm getting home at 5:30 PM if traffic goes well. That's half my day shot. That doesn't give me a lot of time to pull myself together and accomplish anything before a 10:00 bedtime. Particularly since around 8:30 or 9:00 I'm wondering if it's bedtime yet. And how is my nose tonight? Allergies bad? Will I have to start tomorrow by puking up a gut full of snot? Yes? Shit. Fine, more Sudafed. Maybe I can dream that I'm tossing and turning all night. I've had that dream a few times. I can only tell because in the dream I'm in some other bedroom. How much does that fuck with you in the morning?

"WRONG ROOM! Where am I? Wait. It's my room. From the future! Wait, what? No. Just my room. Where I live. Not at ... that other bedroom that I totally knew for some reason."

And I'm tired.

p.s. - Last night I spent the night creating blueprints for much of the neighborhood that I'm buying houses in. Then, for some reason, I was the guy who had to organize and coordinate the various construction groups. A couple of times I woke up and the dream continued to be superimposed on my bedroom. One of those times someone else was driving dream-me around or it could have caused an accident.

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