Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Links: September 14

If all the Presidents got in a knife fight, who would win? [link]

Smallest government spender since Eisenhower. [link]

Greatest con man ever. [link]

Tales of procrastination. [link]

Court rejects Texas' minority voter discrimination law. [link]

Dog TV: a review by various creatures. [link]

Salvador Dali paintings for The Divine Comedy. [link]

Hitchcock Hallway. [link]

Life among the Yakuza. [link]

How a guy's family survived his kid getting a bug bite followed by an infection. [link]

17 names for sex in the 1800s. [link]

Bill Clinton's speech at the Democratic National Convention gave fact checkers very little to say. [link]

Dogs may be more empathetic than people. [link]

How to simulate the universe in After Effects.

A former Republican who worked in Congress explains why he left and why both parties are broken. [link]

The 13 year old responsible for the planting of millions of trees. [link]

Lost 1 year old cared for by a pack of feral cats. [link]

Star Trek helped define the future. The first reasonably sized mobile phones were based off Kirk's communicator. Ipads look like data PADDs but make us wonder why Chief O'Brien had to carry around so damn many of the things. Hyposprays exist. Hospitals have Biobed inspired tech. There's prize money for inventing a real tricorder. Now Google Glasses are looking a heck of a lot something seen on the bridge of Cardassian ships in Deep Space 9. [link]

Meanwhile, on the ISS, a toothbrush safes the day. [link]

Seen the latest Batman movie? Does this remind you of his Tumbler (motorcycle)? [link]

49 glowing quadrotors flying in formation. That or aliens.

A Nook emulating an original Playstation. [link]

Did you miss Tropical Storm Kirk? NOAA had a sense of humor about it. [link]

Rule #1: Moffat lies. [link]

Abandoned Chinese Disneyland. [link]

Michael Bay and writers comment on leaked Ninja Turtles script. [link]
Mike. I saw Transformers and Transformers 2. For free. I wouldn't pay for that crap. I have zero faith in your ability to make this movie good.

Here's more about that laughable failure script. [link]

Thought the geckos in Fallout: New Vegas were funny? Here's what real angry geckos are like.

Homemade ED-E. [link]

An iceberg flipping over.

DragonCon costumes set to music.

That's a very convincing Westley/Man in Black.

Hoverboard test footage.

Episode 1 of the now untitled Inspector Spacetime.

Remote controlled cockroach. [link]

12 shot repeating flintlock rifle. [link]

I'm not sure what I'm looking at here.

English is a weird language. [link]

I saw the meme, but I didn't know the origin of the howler monkey Jesus picture. [link]

Illegal immigrant super heroes. [link]

Competition to animate the Graham Chapman autobiography. [link]

Half of the Intro to Congress class being investigated for cheating. The rest of the class clearly hasn't learned anything. [link]

Dr Horrible sequel still in development. [link]

Skyrim mod under development - Super Skyrim Bros. [link]

Midwest drought resulting in the Mississippi River flowing backwards. [link]

Another version of the stuck coin trick. [link]

J Michael Straczynski is working on a new show called... look, if you need to know more then you probably won't care. [link]

The next Batman may be spun off from the Justice League movie. You know, unless it sucks. [link]

Previously: Joss Whedon is developing Marvel properties for TV.
Now: ABC has approved a S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot episode. [link]

How to clean the fan on your laptop.


Someone broke in to the shed. Nothing stolen. All thanks to a guard Dalek. [link]

Hans Zimmer's studio. [link]

Metal Trololo.

How long can you go without cracking a smile? [link]

Bad idea ads. [link]

This was a bad idea. Rectal cancer bad. [link]

I'd heard about the work done to make this plant grow from 32,000 year old seeds. Now it's blooming, too. [link]

Movies that use crappy fonts.

What happens if everyone on Earth jumped at once? Nothing much.
How do they get home? [link]

I mentioned before that Progressive Insurance was defending a killer in court. Here's some follow up. [link]

How copyright and video streaming went insane. [link]

Antonin Scalia and his goofy interpretations of law. [link]

Pond Life: life with the Pond family from Doctor Who. A lead up to the current season. [link]

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