Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Links: September 21

Russian video about assault weapons that work underwater.

A hack of the Star Wars Force Trainer operates a CO2 cannon. [link]

Obama and Romney's responses to 14 science questions. [link]
Guess which one said "...there remains a lack of scientific consensus on ... the extent of [global] warming, the extent of the human contribution, and the severity of the risk..."

Modern art audio tour done by kids. [link]
I haven't listened to it, but it seems interesting.

Elections are determined not by those running, but by the view of the party established in part by those who came before. George Bush is still more important to this election than Obama or Romney. [link]

A video about special effects guy Chris Cunningham. [link]

Video of a hermit crab migration. [link]

Open letter from an author to Wikipedia about an entry for his book that contains misstatements. [link]

The difference between a $99 suit and a %5,000 suit. [link]

Women for Akin site pulled after one of the women in the central picture found to be a Democrat agent. [link]

Weathermen get silly names. [link]

15% of Ohio GOP supporters say Romney deserves the credit for killing Bin Laden. [link]

Bird apartment with peep holes. [link]

Giant painted spiders on the roof! [link]

Bad childrens books. [link]

Sexism in geekdom. [link]

Junior female tennis player told by USTA coaches to stop competing until she got in shape. This also meant they weren't going to pay her expenses for competing in the US Open. [link]

Robotic walkers. [link]

Romney and the LGBT community. [link]

The economy told in animated gifs. [link]

How to streak at a sporting event and get away with it. [link]

Freaky anime girl. [link]

A texture that prevents water from exploding when it hits crazy hot metals. [link]

Previously unknown species of monkey. [link]

Room temperature superconductivity found in graphite grains. [link]

That's food? You're sure? [link]

A study in tustworthyness ques. [link]

The story of the only American not on Earth on September 11. [link]

No News

10 examples of backyard geniuses and the stuff they build. [link]

Homemade telescope. [link]

9 debunked myths about vaccines. [link]

Genes from 80,000 year old body help show the evolution of our brains. [link]

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