Monday, September 10, 2012

Baltimore Comic Con - A firsthand perspective

There's a load of conventions in the Baltimore/DC area this month. Baltimore Comic Con was last weekend, Small Press Expo the next, Intervention after that, then the DC Green Festival. And there's a Ren Fest going on around here somewhere.

I'm trying to get my copy of the Team Cul De Sac book filled with as many signatures as I can. Baltimore Comic Con had three names I needed. Small Press Expo will have two more. I need to study the list closer, but I know of at least one more at Intervention. There were more contributors than that at all three, but I already have quite a few in my book.

From Baltimore Comic Con I got a bunch of signatures.
David Finch writes and draws for Batman: The Dark Knight comic book. I got him to sign issue number one of the title that ran before the DC universe reboot. He wrote, penciled, and did the cover of that one.
Dan Didio signed a copy of Outsiders #26 that he wrote.
Dawn Griffin signed my Team Cul De Sac and I book 1 of her Zorpubert & Fred comic.
Roger Langridge signed my Team Cul De Sac book. He used to do Judge Dredd. I picked up his Knuckles the Malevolent Nun book.
Brad Guigar signed my Team Cul De Sac book. I wanted the complete Greystone Inn since my stuff from the Plan Nine Publishing fell apart, but he had none there. So I got the first two books from his Evil Inc comics.
Brian Keene signed my The Last Zombie and I picked up his Dead of Night.
Mark Waid was caught just as he headed of to a panel. He signed my number ones of the graphic novel versions of both Incorruptable and Irredeemable.
Conor McCreery signed my Kill Shakespeare book 1 and sold me book 2. There's also a touring play that will be performing at the Shakespeare Theater in DC soon.
Gene Ha signed my Justice League #7 (after the recent reboot) for which he was an artist.
Peter Tomasi signed my Batman and Robin #1 (post reboot) which he wrote.
Ryan Sohmer and Lar Desouza got me set up with the latest Looking for Group book since they'd already signed all my Least I Could Do books before mailing them out. Ryan knew who I was because I once used his God's-Gift-To-Women costume for Halloween and sent him a picture.
Joe Dunn and Phil Chan of Joe Loves Crappy Movies and other stuff sold me books from their assorted online comics. I didn't recognize their names, but I knew their work from actually reading it online.
Mike Raicht signed Yummy's Stuff of Legend and sold me Zombie.
David Petersen signed some Mouse Guard art for Yummy.

I was unable to catch up with Frank Cho (Liberty Meadows), Dan Green (Wonder Woman), Greg Capullo (Spawn and Batman), Frank Quitely (older Batman and Robin), Brian Bolland (Dial H covers), Garth Ennis (The Boys), and decided to skip Neal Adams (not overly impressed with Batman: Odyssey anyway).

My pictures of the event. 
Standing in line.

Male and female Lokis talking with Death from Sandman

From my spot three blocks from the entrance I could see the line double back. They're five blocks from the entrance.

Chesty Sith and a Sith with one white eye (Star Wars).

Still in line, but walking.
Wolverine and Catwoman

Imperial Soldier (Star Wars). Probably a pilot. 

Darkseid (Superman) and ... dunno.

Mmmm... from Mortal Combat, maybe?
Lar Desouza and Ryan Sohmer (mentioned in the text)

Thanos from The Infinity Guantlet and the next Avengers movie.

Marketing for Six Flags.

Doctor Doom and friend

One of the Poison Ivys (Batman). Another I mistook for Merida from Brave until I got close. 

Batgirl, V (for Vendetta), and a barely visible Captain America talking while Rorschach walks by.

One of the better Spidermen.

Scantly clad chick.

Stormtrooper (Star Wars) of the Endor variety.

Batman and Scarecrow (they didn't know each other)

Ninja of unknown origin and... Skeletor??? (He-Man)

Wonder Twins (Super Friends)

Scantly clad chicks

Punisher. He had a grenade that ticks when the pin is pulled.

Captain Marvel and sister whose name I forget

Black Canary and Supergirl. Yummy loved this one. 

Scantly clad Manga? character.

A damn good Bane (Dark Knight Rises variety) costume with a less skimpy Poison Ivy. 

I though the Hulk got bigger the madder he got.

I think that's the lead from Kingdom Hearts, a guy dressed as a female Robin (Batman), one of the legion of Harley Quinn (Batman).

Another Bane (Dark Knight Rises variety) and ... I have no idea who the woman is supposed to be. I'd say Poison Ivy except for the flower.

Rorschach (Watchmen)

Smiling zombie girl with zipper up her face. (sorry for the blur)
 In the lobby as we were leaving.
Doctor Strange

Several Spidermen, Black Cat, and Mary Jane.

Members of Cobra (GI Joe)

From Space Balls.

A member of U.N.I.T (Doctor Who)

This Vulcan (Star Trek) should have appeared much higher on the list.

A Stormtrooper (Star Wars) posing with a young Riddler, Joker, and Scarecrow (Batman)

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