Friday, September 07, 2012

Friday Links: September 7

Not even close to caught up. But here's a bunch of links anyway.

Simple sugars found in a star. [link]

Footage cut from The Avengers. Hopefully it can be used in Captain America 2: Captain Americanier.

A camera that runs at a trillion frames a second. They can actually watch light move.

The stimulus package actually worked pretty well. [link]

American wind energy capacity has broken 55 gigawatts. That's the equivalent of 44 coal-fired power stations or 11 nuclear power plants. [link]

Nifty new virtual presence robot. [link]

A militia that was stockpiling weapons and explosives had plans to take over a military base, poison apple crops, and assassinate the President, among other things. [link]

Great musician resource. [link]

Details of the making of the alien queen for Aliens. [link]


Smart ass answer to a stupid request. [link]

God Created the World, But the Dutch Created the Netherlands. [link]

Injectable oxygen particle for those needing more than their lungs can provide. [link]

Now President of Ireland on a Tea-Party loving Irish radio station pretty much destroying the Tea-Party and American Right.

Props to the host for not killing his mic.

Paul Ryan wants to tie the US dollar not to gold or oil, but to commodities. [link]

Video of a green heron using bread to catch fish instead of just eating the bread. [link]

Some slick looking old ambulances. [link]

Tampa has a rogue macaque. [link]

Bill Nye: Creationism is Not Appropriate for Children

Part of the inspiration for The Simpsons theme. [link]

The last election where you can hope that whites might carry you to office. [link]

This video gives you some idea what it is about Kubrick films that make them so obviously his. [link]

Google Street View shots. Some that I hadn't seen before. [link]

How to visualize how much energy is hitting the Earth. [link]

Broadband deployment map. [link]

How to make a proper Chicago style hot dog. [link]

Ants and the internet work similarly. [link]

Obama's Reddit AMA. [short version] [long version]

While emphasizing diversity on stage at the convention, other events show a more familiar side of the GOP. [link]

The White House beer recipes. [link]
White House honey may be tricky to get.

Electricity free refrigerator. [link]

Revolt of the Rich. [link]

Contract between Kurt Vonnegut and his pregnant wife. [link]

I know you aren't getting enough links from me. Here's a source I had been using but don't pay enough attention to anymore. [link]

Remote controlled dragon. [link]

A woman who needed to be upside down for her heart to work. [link]

I don't think I'd heard of David Barton before this. He's either a huge liar or has no connection to reality. [link]

Campbells to do a line of Warhol inspired cans. [link]

Remembering conversations with Neil Armstrong. [link]

Quiz: Who do you side with? [link]

11 great Secret Service code names. [link]

Mummified dinosaur found. (2007 article) [link]

Thanks to the prison system, more men are raped in America than women. [link]

Syracuse University is running lava across campus. [link]

GOP and abortion section:

GOP adds no-exception (i.e. rape and incest) abortion ban to official party platform. [link]

Todd Akin isn't the first Republican to claim you can't get pregnant from rape. [link]

A collection of news clips and quotes on the subject. [link]

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