Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sod Off Wednesday Thursday: July the ... JULY

Temperatures are way down from what they were. I never lost power like so many other people in the area. But, really, it's not the heat, it's the sweativity. YES I SAID "SWEATIVITIY" AND I MEANT "SWEATIVITY"! I'm writing this after returning from Politics and Prose with several new signatures in my Team Cul De Sac book. Their parking is the size of a Triscuit and the nearest Metro station is like a mile away (0.8 miles/1.28 kilometers). I walked from the Metro. Going there was mostly uphill. But, I gave myself time to drip dry and eat once I got nearby. Going home was dark and down hill and only 82°F but there was 57% humidity. This isn't sweat! It's condensation! OK, you Indians are laughing. I just check and it's 82°F in Mumbai with 89% humidity (currently 8:15 AM on Thursday there). But, I'm betting you don't like having soaked clothes and your hair dripping on your neck any more than I do. I realize it could be worse. I think a few years ago at this time I was on the farm holding onto electric wire the cows had broken and trying to reconnect it blind because of all the sweat running in my eyes.

The moral here is I'm sweaty and I don't like it. I didn't say it's a good moral. Actually, it's not a moral at all. But it's still true.

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