Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Road trip pics: Superman Museum

While buzzing down the road, still not out of Illinois (but the rest of the trip went faster, I swear), we saw this.

"This" was followed by a series of other signs that directed us to that.


That, only closer. Plus Yummy.

Across the street from "that" was something else.

something else

Next to something else. Plus Yummy

"Something else" was on the outside of a building that housed a Superman museum.

Superman museum.
There's a pretty good shop in there with prices I considered to be quite reasonable. I picked up a few things. Through the gift shop is a densely packed museum of Superman artifacts. Props from the various shows and movies from over the years, posters, merchandise, themed art, costumes, flying harnesses, and... so much stuff and packed in so tight that your head starts to swim with the sheer awesomeness of the place. And it only cost us like $5 a head to get in.

Had we come by a week later we would have landed in the middle of their annual Superman Celebration, complete with celebrity guests.

You can see some pictures of the inside of the museum at http://www.supermuseum.com/.
Shop here

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