Friday, July 06, 2012

Friday Links: July 6

As a matter of fact, mandatory health care insurance was supported by the founding fathers and had been law at one point. [link]

I was a bit confused when I read the description of this story. R2-D2 and Chewbacca may have been rebel agents? Well of course they're rebel agents! There's three whole movies on the subject! No, he means between episodes 3 and 4 and makes a good case for it. I'd like to see the movies reflect his guy's thinking. [link]

Charles Manson was a Scientologist, but quit because he thought they were too crazy. [link]

Dear Time Traveller,
We at the DoD have reviewed your plan to kill Hitler and would like to know more.
Signed, [link]

There's an auction at the end of July with lots of old costumes and props from Battlestar Galactica, Superman, Star Wars, Star Trek, Batman, and a bunch of other stuff. See the catalog at the [link]

An interesting mind reading device. They frame the device in regards to how Stephen Hawking uses it. [link]

A list of celebrity patents. [link]

Dolphins and whales playing together. [link]

People who are begging to have their identities stole. [link]

I KNEW I read this before. There's a correlation between Black Death survivors and AIDS resistance. [link]

There's a pneumatic garbage system under parts of New York. [link]

When he was 8 this guy asked Lego how to get a job there. He followed their directions and, at the age of 23, got that job. [link]

Stalin tried to have John Wayne killed. [link]

FDR had long hair and a dress until he was 6. [link]

The science of fireworks.

In a crushing blow to video game makers, an EU court has determined that reselling downloaded software IS legal. [link]

A Minecraft TARDIS. Somehow it works.

Lightning gun with LASERs! [link]

"Bizarro Classic".

Now I need to find the "Superman Classic" cartoon he did first.

In "The Avengers" when Nick Fury refused an order, was that a crime? [link]

No wonder it's so damn hot.

Old news. Democrats are better for the economy. [link]

One of little mentioned parts of the Affordable Care Act makes insurance companies spend 80% of what they collect from customer ON the customers. [link]

Paint on batteries.

A stop motion video of an engine coming apart and going back together.

Ten most controversial Supreme Court cases. [link]

A place to explore for the Kansas City readers. [link]

Photo comparisons of Fallout 3 and New Vegas real life vs the games. [link]

An ACLU lawsuit waiting to happen in Louisiana. [link]

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