Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Links: July 27

Mary Tamm passed away Thursday. She's best known as the actress who played the first Romana in Doctor Who back in the Tom Baker/Douglas Adams days. I was a bit smitten with her when I was five and watching Doctor Who from behind the couch.

Aquaman may be a joke among super heroes, but think about where he lives and how he can survive there and he may just be on par with Superman. [link]

Sir Patrick Stewart carrying the Olympic Torch. [link]

Doctor Whoooo - owl statues of the 11 Doctors. [link]

A synthetic jelly fish made from rat heart muscle cells. [link]

How to paint a 150 foot poster. [link]

Cities that might not exist without air conditioning. [link]

An amusing transcript of the David House Grand Jury trial. [link]

Automatic road trip song list generator. [link]

The ACLU has their own cop recording app. [link]

The 10th anniversary Firefly panel at ComicCon. Alas, not the whole cast.

The largest waterfall is underwater. There's a graphic that helps clear this up. [link]

The story of Jesse Owens and Luz Long, a German competitor, may not be true. But the way this story ends tells me it may as well have been. [link]

According to Mitt Romney Olympians didn't make it there on their own, but millionaire CEOs did.  [link]

You've seen the Skyrim "Summon Cheese" video. This one is a Trainrain spell.

The story of a shoot out between drug dealers and off duty Rangers. [link]

The less mentioned senses. [link]
They don't mention the ability to sense how much carbon dioxide is in the blood.

A six year old reads books by their covers. [link]

My computer museum will not be acquiring this Pixar beauty. [link]

An etching of Wheatley from Portal 2 is being launched in to space on an ISS resupply craft. [link]
I just want to be picky and point out that it wasn't Wheatley that was space crazy, but another one of the pods.

Things on my dog's head. [link]

I'm Supe... Batman. [link]

The entire Greenland ice sheet experienced some melting this summer. Typically it tops out at 40%. [link]

History of sliced bread. [link]
It falls just short of saying that the phrase "the best thing since sliced bread" comes from sliced bread being advertised as "the greatest forward step in the baking industry since bread was wrapped".

Pictures of stitches in eyeballs. [link]
Made of nope.

Books read by popular fictional characters. [link]

iPad prototype. [link]

Gadgets that changed the technical world. [link]

Your guide to watching the Olympics on whatever platform you prefer. [link]

Side Effects by Steve Martin. [link]

Do you live in a bubble? [link]
I scored 41.

Microsoft lost money last quarter. [link]
College me laughs. Current me still snickers and smirks a bit.

A sneezing radio. [link]

There's a hole in the planet, dear Liza, dear Liza... [link]

Profits from Mein Kampf are accepted grudgingly by Bavaria and donated to charity. [link]

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