Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Links: July 20

WTF, Blogger? When I schedule an update I expect you to update!

A new Google algorithm makes comment spamming work against the spammer. Now they have the nerve to ask the spammed to delete their spams for them. [link]

Bad cop! You wear Hello Kitty until you've learned your lesson. [link]

This guy ejected from his plane and parachuted through a thunderstorm. He's the only person known to have survived this. [link]

A long and gruesome history of surgery over the last 200 years. [link]
"The patient and the assistant both died of sepsis, and a spectator reportedly died of shock, resulting in the only known procedure with a 300% mortality"

The video on this page announces Launcher 1 and then tells us what it is. [link]

What the venom of a Russell's Viper does to blood.

Some seriously messed up skull hands. [link]

Stairs for tight spaces. [link]
I wouldn't want to use the second one regularly, but I'm liking their floor.
How does #8 save on space?

Viacom has pulled The Daily Show and The Colbert Report from the internet. [link]
Good. I think the response from this will tell all the companies looking to abandon Hulu as soon as their contracts are up quite a bit about how the television market has changed.

Patton Oswalt talks about one of his worst shows. [link]

Tiger cubs being raised by a dog. [link]

Was Mitt Romney still working at Bain Capital after 1999 or not? [link]
(hint: yes)

What the Presidents ate. [link]

Pictures of a silt removal operation in China done by opening a dam. [link]
If I ever visit China I want to attend this.

This article tries to explain how Microsoft fell from the titan that it was. [link]
Honestly? It's because Microsoft was a bully and pissed people off. I don't care how good Windows CE was, I would never buy one. I have a Wii and a PS3, but I don't have an Xbox360 because it's a Microsoft product. The only reason I can think of to get a Window machine is to play "Thief 4" when it eventually comes out. I got my last one just to play "Thief 3". Much of the market over the last 15 or more years has been based on "what is the non-Microsoft company offering?"

How hot is it? Check these two maps. [link]

Obama and Romney's respective vacations. [link]

How Louis CK is showing the internet can be used as a workaround of the companies and practices we hate. [link]

I'm Batman.

The Batman trailer using all Peewee Herman voices.

Tom Baker will be participating in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special. [link]

Man finds his a car stolen from him 42 years before on eBay. [link]

Some decent pictures of the Star Trek (original series) shuttle craft that was sold at auction to be renovated. [link]

This video talks about how they're getting the rover Curiosity to safely land on Mars.

This is how they got the last two down.

The difference is that the new one is so much bigger and heavier than the old ones that the air bags would be torn apart.

The Dead Parrot sketch may date back at least as far as an ancient Roman joke book. [link]

NSFW book title. [link]

America once nuked 1/3 of the satellites then in orbit. [link]
Diabetes is actually beneficial during ice ages. [link] It's been a long standing question about why Saturn's rings are so great while other planets have puny or no rings. Cassini found out that the moon Enceladus is feeding the rings. [link] There's something in a hard to see part of space on the other side of the Milky Way that plans to eat the Milky Way and a bunch of other galaxies. [link]

Trailer for The Dark Knight Rises made out of Batman: The Animated Series clips.

Muppets losing their mind as a scene takes a few hundred shots.

Judge says Samsung didn't rip off the iPad design and Apple must take out ads saying so. He then goes on to say that it's not a rip off because Samsung's isn't nearly as good. [link]
The judicial equivalent of calling them both children

Some guy dressed up as Deadpool and having a lot of fun at ComicCon.

600 year old bra. [link]

Play-Doh cologne. [link]

Great Britain made it's last new territorial claim in 1955. They did it to keep the Soviets from building a missile silo there. [link]

Remember the toy that makes a ball float if you concentrate? I think of that as the Pong of the mind reading technology. This is Breakout/Brickout. [link]
I'll be rather terrified when they get to something on the level of Doom.

The Cave Johnson and Caroline face models. [link]

Iceland: Where they actually bring criminal charges for economic sabotage. [link]
Also, major debt relief helps a lot. Maybe help unload some student loan debt, America.

Republicans and other DMCA supporters should learn something from this. Romney can't post his anti-Obama ad to YouTube because it involves Obama singing a song still under copyright. [link]

Who's more evil: Weyland-Yutani or OmniCorp?

Electrical transmission through concrete. [link]

Nerdy crafting. [link]

I haven't mention the Higgs-Boson. I mean to eventually. Until then, you can rest assured that the people at CERN do have a crow bar. [link]

You've seen where the San Diego fireworks all went off at once. What I hadn't seen was that there were multiple location sites. 

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