Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Links: March 30

Lets get the important business out of the way first.

I've heard about this guy figuring out what kind of music monkeys like. Now he claims to have written music designed for cats and dogs. [link]

Fox News blamed for this woman's death. [link]
Which brings up an interesting question. How can you tell the difference between the onset of dementia and believing what Fox News says?

Interview with a safecracker. [link]

Plasma speaker - it's a speaker that makes noise via an electric arc. [link]

Ruin - A great short film about someone trying to find out how the world ended. Run it full screen. Trust me.

Get your own backyard Hobbit hole. [link]

Super Best Friends Forever!

The good news: Genndy Tartakovsky, the guy who made Cartoon Network worth a damn when I was in college, is working on a new movie called "Hotel Transylvania".
The bad news: Adam Sandler will be the voice of Dracula. [link]

If you're making a movie called "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" what do you expect to see in the main characters? Teenagers maybe? Ones that know ninjutsu? Certainly some sort of deformed turtle creature. Michael Bay disagrees. He sees no reason that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles should be mutants or turtles. He intends to make them aliens. [link]
He is telling everyone to calm down, but he hasn't gone back on his plans to screw up yet another cartoon from my youth.

Speaking of Transformers, he plans to reboot the series with the 4th movie. I can't blame him. The movies so far are awful. But he's the one who screwed them up. The movie police need to take it away from him almost as much as they need to confiscate Star Wars from George Lucas.[link]

Meanwhile, the decision to reboot "The Munsters" TV series don't seem quite so horrible now that they've cast Eddie Izzard as Grandpa Munster. [link]

TSA decides to let senior citizens keep their shoes on in a few select airports. [link]

An animation showing the path of debris from the Japanese tsunami as it drifts across the ocean. [link] [details]

When both Congress and Facebook think you're scum you may want to reexamine some life choices. [link]

Don't think Facebook is becoming a good guy. They're trying to trademark the word "book". [link]

Someone applied the idea behind "Garfield Without Garfield" to an old Garfield cartoon.

The head of Hufflepuff greeting new students.

Hollywood lawyers are trying to sue a pub called "The Hobbit". The pub has sported that name for 20 years. Sir Ian "Gandolf" McKellen is throwing his support in with Stephen Fry in favor of the pub. [link]

I can only name 17 of these movies. [link]

I knew Tim Burton was working on a "Dark Shadows" movie. I wasn't expecting anything particularly good about it. I certainly wasn't expecting a comedy.

Turn down the volume first. Now watch this. Wait for it. Waaaaait for it!

Print pieces to connect your toys together. [link]

Minecraft scientific/graphing calculator.

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