Friday, March 02, 2012

Friday Links: March 2

You've probably read articles about places like this before, but I want you to read this Reddit bit. It's some people whose parents placed them in Christian reeducation camps talking about what happened inside. [link]

"Alien" as told by the cat. [link]

Old bras can be used to help prevent sex trafficking. [link]

I haven't checked them out yet, but here are 5 free games for you to print out. [link]

Spray on super antennas. Has potential as a new power source, too. [link]

Remember the "Everything is a Remix" films? Here's part 3 and part 4.
Just because the credits are rolling doesn't mean you should stop watching.

Part 1 of how to make a log coffee table with a chain saw.

part 2

I got caught up on my "Memory Palace" episodes. For not having heard any for a year and change there was remarkably little to catch up on. Here's a favorite about a crazy cat lady during the Civil War. [link]

Burial clothes for those who want mushrooms to feast on their remains. [link]
A fine idea, just don't expect me to put you on my pizza.

As expected, the faster than light neutrinos aren't really moving faster than light. [link]
How do you tell the difference between a faster than light neutrino and a tachyon? I'm thinking they're the same thing. Once the neutrino is moving faster than light it should be going backwards in time and be a tachyon. But since we only go forward in time wouldn't a tachyon look like a neutrino?

If a Tesla's battery is completely discharged it won't charge again. [link]
I saw a Tesla driving next to me in Baltimore last Monday. It's a nice looking car in person.

Anne Frank has been baptized as Mormon... again. [link]
Here's the thing, if the Mormon faith isn't true what does it matter what book they put your name in? It's shitty that they're doing it, but do you really think them putting someone's name in a different database is gonna get that person's soul moved from your heaven to one of the Mormon ones?

Sasha Baron Cohen was banned from the Oscars "Unless they’re assured that nothing entertaining is going to happen on the Red Carpet..." [link]
"Nothing entertaining." Boy, that's the Oscars all over.

Democrats in Georgia are responding to an anti-abortion bill with an vasectomy ban bill. [link]
At first I thought the vasectomy ban bill was legit. Many have tried to ban vasectomies in the past. One in Canada, had it passed, would have required people to have at least one kid before they could get snipped.

You can't be forced to decrypt your hard drive so law enforcement can check for the possibility of illicit material. If they KNOW there's something illegal, that's another matter. [link]

Squids can fly, not just glide. [link]

"If you've done nothing wrong you have nothing to hide." Wrong. This woman has been stalked by hundreds of police via the drivers license database. [link]

Recent improvements in oral controls for computers and wheelchairs. [link]

Art by walking in the snow. [link]

World in a tiny, tiny bottle. [link]

This report about a collapsing Republican brand, while factual, seems to be a case of Democrats shouting in an echo chamber. It's the sort of thing fed to people working on a Democrat's campaign staff and ignored everywhere else. Give me something like this with a 20 year outlook and I'll be much happier. [link]

This picture fascinates me. I have some theories about how it was done, what's your theory? [link]

Accuracy of weather forecasts by different agencies. [link]

Ships can leave con-trails, too. Here's a picture of the skies during a great day for condensation. [link]

Apparently Mitt Romney remembers things from the day he was conceived. Possibly even before. [link]

DAMN! I really wanted this article in the "Journal of Apocryphal Chemistry" to be real. It's on how to make Sudafed from crystal meth. [link]
It answered a question I posed several months ago. "N-methylamphetamine itself is a powerful
decongestant." I still wanna know! Is it?

Here, play with this. [link]

Bike chain sculpture. [link]

The song that inspired the Theme to Futurama.

Japanese company plans to have a space elevator in operation by 2050. I really hope they (or someone) pulls it off. [link]

More pics of Bill Murray as FDR. [link]

Game: The Old Tree - somewhat creepy game where you click things to allow the tentacled creature to move on. [link]

Tata Motors is releasing a car based on compressed gas technologies. However, it appears that it's frame won't meet American safety standards. [link]

Mary Poppins is a Time Lord. [link]

Dog trying to get a stolen baguette into it's kennel.

The man who designed the modern pinball machined recently died at the age of 100. [link]

Woah that was loud!

Two minutes from Pixar's "Brave".

See Disney? Force a sequel (Cars 2) and you get weak sauce. Let Pixar do what Pixar does and they'll make you a lot of money. NOW LEAVE THEM ALONE!

Another episode of Grand Theft Auto 4 with the friction on vehicles set to zero.

Fashions of the 20th century as seen from 1893. [link]

Apple Computers is now worth more than Poland. What else is it worth more than? [link]

Common mistakes made in the kitchen. [link]

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