Thursday, March 08, 2012

My house is falling apart

Long, long ago, a few months before I started this blog, a kitchen cabinet fell off the wall. The installers had made no attempt to hit a stud when hanging it and the way they installed the window had introduced a channel to get water between the gypsum board and bricks. So when the gypsum board got wet the screws ripped out of the wall.

About a month ago we noticed that the cabinet on the end of the set over the kitchen counter was sagging. I removed the screws and took it down. It was coming out of the gypsum board, too, but had the cabinet next to it to hold on to.

Wednesday morning, at around what-the-fuck-time-is-is o'clock, the cabinet that the previous one had been holding on to collapsed. It didn't come out of the wall. It came apart.

So today I'm emptying out my kitchen in preparation for a complete overhaul. I've known this day was coming. But now it's forced my hand.

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