Monday, April 02, 2012

Bonus Links: April 2

More links that didn't get looked at for Friday.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Muppephone!

Racists didn't like "The Hunger Games". Apparently black people shouldn't have survived the holocaust. [link]

Indian man plants a forest. [link]

Discworld readers may be familiar with the clacks system. They're mentioned in a couple of books and feature prominently in the book and BBC mini-series "Going Postal". Turns out something similar really existed. [link]

Sunrise on Mars. [link]

Obama said to the Russian President that after the election he would have more flexibility to discuss missile defense. Most Republicans went after him for it. Strangely, House Speaker John A. Boehner told those sniping at Obama not to criticize overseas activity. My question is, why are we even talking about building a missile defense system that we know doesn't work unless we know when the missile is being launched, where it's going, there's a tracking devise on it, and there's only one of them. [link

AOL Instant Messenger is unofficially dead. Much like the rest of the company, really. [link]

Microsoft is working on a "universal" translator that speaks in your voice. Being a Star Trek fan, I'm more interested in the technology researcher named Soong. [link]

Say you want to do a Lego project that will get lots of attention. But other people have gone for the low hanging fruit: The Battlestar Galactica, a Star Destroyer, the Enterprise, Minas Tirith... what do you make that nobody has done before, but is nifty enough to get people to forward it around? This guy decided on Commander Adama's command before the Galactica - the Battlestar Valkyrie. [link]

5 movie hacks that can really be done. [link]

Are you using Flash to make a product that brings you money? Adobe wants a 9% cut of that. [link]
Adobe? Flash is dying. Often your products are memory hogs that makers of portable devices don't want around. Do you really want to drive away people who insist on using your product by making them pay MORE to use it?

The effects of microwaves on a plasma TV. He's exposing it to a microwave transformer. 15 minutes.

Jumping robot.

Quad-rotor musicians.

Quad-rotor remote control DeLorean.

The script for Bill and Ted 3 is done. Now they need the studio to approve it. [link]

A Japanese parakeet and it's best friend.

What the tip of a drill sees. [link]

The Avengers trailer done with 60's art.

1,000 small theaters to close in the next few years because they can't convert to digital. [link]

Evidence that humans can hibernate? [link]

The first attempted assassination of a US President. [link]

10 really old things that still work. My favorite is #7, the traffic light. [link]

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