Wednesday, March 21, 2012

As I nodded nearly napping...

I used to do a lot of writing. I still develop outlines for stuff in my head, but once upon a time I actually wrote them out. What you'll see below are some half developed ideas that may still get turned into something someday if I start writing again.

This first line came to me as I was nodding off one night.

"Ok, so, my dad, he's like, this, I dunno, demigod of pain, or something, which makes him Sooooo hard to live with. I mean, really, you should see some of the freak women he brings home from the bar some nights."

With that idea in mind, I started to play with it.

So now I've got this image of the demigod of pain, first thing in the morning, staggering down stairs. He's big, muscular, horns, goatee, needs a shave, bed wing, stained robe hanging open to his gut, hasn't even bothered opening his eyes yet. His two daughters are sitting at the kitchen table having breakfast. The older is in high school, the younger is probably in 4th grade.
"Good morning, Daddy!" says the younger daughter cheerfully.
The demon doesn't look up. Shuffling past the table toward the coffee machine he says " Fear my wrath, sweet heart. "

Around the coffee maker.
"Morning, Nirrti."
"Morning, Frank. How'r the kids?"
"Oh, you know. Sarah's nine and Eile's gonna be the death of me. Yours?"
"Well, Yahweh wouldn't stop crying during 'Buffy' last night so I ate him."
"Gotta do that while they're young or they never learn."
"Plus, when they get bigger you end up with leftovers."
"True 'nough. So, got any plans for this weekend?"
"Not really. It's sort of a toss up. Either rain firey atomic death on some major metropolis oooor maybe take a nap."
"... rain firey atomic death?"
"Yeah. Or a nap. Naps are good, too."
"Huh. Yeah. You know, I brought this turkey sandwich for lunch but now ... why don't you eat it?"

One side of a phone conversation heard while nodding off.
A lightly British adult male accent says:
"I'm Professor ??????'s assistant."
A pause while an unheard voice says something about not knowing that professor.
"No, he's not a teacher here anymore. He died several years back."
A pause while the unheard voice asks why the first voice is still there.
"Ah, well, Professor ?????? had tenure so they can't get rid of me."

Also heard.
"Is that a load bearing midget?"
I tried to develop a story around it or put it into other stories I was writing, but it never took.

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