Friday, March 09, 2012

Friday Links: March 9

A 60 year history of newspapers' advertising based income. [link]

Pedal powered bus. [link]

Whimsically written police reports. [link]

Poor Wall Street Bankers having to deal with cut incomes while still being in the 1%. They might have do something drastic like take one of their three kids out of private school. Boo hoo. [link]

A new kind of 3D computer monitor. Your hands reach behind the screen and manipulate objects. [link]

A supposedly effective 3 minute workout that's done once a week. [link]

The Alcubierre warp drive has one serious drawback. [link]

Chocolate Wasted Cake recipe. [link]

NBC orders an independent program based on the Inspector Spacetime gag in an episode of "Community" to shut down. [link]

The rest of us beg Lifetime to cancel a series based on Bristol Palin. [link]

What J.R.R. Tolkien thought of "Lord of the Rings". [link]

Scenes from recent video games done in Lego stop motion animation.

Reading all the privacy policies you come across in a year would take 76 work days. [link]

Kepler has discovered more than 2,000 potential planets. Now there's a new way to look for planets that may be used in the next version. [link]

Meth kingpin was also a huge comic book nerd. [link]

Trailer for the upcoming Dirk Gently BBC series.

Peter Weyland giving a talk at TED 2023. [link]
It's a teaser for the movie "Promethius" which is a prequel to "Alien".

Indiana Jones gets rejected for tenure. [link]

New trailer for "The Avengers". [link]

For the first time ever, someone has filmed the formation of a brine icicle (brinicle). [link]

Two significant areas of anti-matter research that seem likely to yield significant results. [link]

The story of two Italian guys who listened in on the Soviet and American space programs with whatever they could cobble together. [link]

Jon Stewart talking about Super Tuesday. Or, rather, the coverage of Super Tuesday. [link]

A bizarre slow moving avalanche.

Fox News in 2008 - The President doesn't control the price of gas.
Fox News in 2012 - The President is solely responsible for the price of gas.

A kid's introduction to broadcast television. [link]

First ever video of a Lord Howe Island Stick Insect hatching. [link]

50 most hated movies. Not 50 worst. 50 most hated. [link]

DARPA's robot cheetah could outrun you if it didn't have an extension cord. [link]

Check out this scar pattern on a guy who was near a lightning strike. [link]

6 things rich people need to stop saying. [link]

How to extract your own DNA. [link]

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