Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Sod off Wednesday: May 4

Have you read any of Sir Terry Pratchett's stuff? Any Discworld at all? No? You should. Screw reading them in order. For the most part the books don't rely on earlier books. That and the first two books were weak. He was just getting started. If you want to read in order you should watch "The Color of Magic" and then start reading the third book. I started with "Mort". There's other good places to start, but that's generally considered a good one.

I bring all this up because there's this film company that was started with the express purpose of adapting a Discworld fable called "Troll Bridge". They've done other work to keep the main project going, but the heart of the company is dedicated to finishing a film they've been working on for eight years.

In the Discworld there's a barbarian. Cohen the Barbarian is a legend and has been for decades. He's a rescuer and defiler of maidens, looter of ruins, destroyer of mad cults, and on like that. But one can't be a legend forever. Pile on enough decades and you have elderly barbarians. Or dead ones. Cohen is the former.

"Troll Bridge" is the story of 90+ year old Cohen the Barbarian going to battle a bridge troll, only... well, nobody really remembers how the Discworld used to be except for he and the troll.

The film needs a last push to finish. $45,000. They have half and they need a bit more. $10. That's all they ask.

Watch this and decide if you think their project is worth a bit of couch change.

Donate here. Troll Bridge

No? Then think about the movie Iron Sky. They're going bigger. They want theaters. Heck I want to see it in a theater.

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Donate here. Iron Sky

No? Then you can just sod off.


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Didn't know about the troll bridge project - Thanks!

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