Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sod off Wednesday: May 11

My contracting agency is making me attend some seminar for making sure I behave according to their standards. See, their contract with the Army expires soon. It's a safe bet it won't be renewed. Not because of anything they've done. Just in 10 years I've never seen the same contractor used twice in a row. I'm betting that they're making us do this so they can say they lost the contract due to poor contractor/contractee relations due to misbehaving staff and that they were doing everything they can to improve relations. Of course, the staff stays the same no matter what the contractor does. I'm on my sixth contractor. Every instance of poor relations were due to how the contractor treats the staff.

Soon I'll be a government employee and leave all this bureaucracy and crap behind for a whole new kind of bureaucracy and crap.

They can both sod off.

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