Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Links: May 27

The TV show "Shit My Dad Says" was cancelled. This exchange is what happened when the Twitterer behind the show told his dad about the cancellation. [link]

Zombie lawn gnome. [link]

Don't get between a cat and it's nicotine fix.

The geek answer to the Chinese Zodiac. [link]

How much damage can your camera lens take before it becomes a problem? [link]

More prophecies of doom that didn't pan out. [link]

A scan of a spider trapped in amber. A friend of mine operates this same model of scanner.

How to tie your shoes.

The robotic skeleton sidekick makes Craig Ferguson crack up.

SpaceShipTwo (a.k.a. the V.S.S. Enterprise) demonstrating the first use of the "feather" for slowing it's descent.

Turns out lots of people in Mississippi were building their own levees. Some with more success than others. [link]

Video of the final test of a human powered helicopter called Gamera. It's a possible height and time record for human powered helicopters. [link]

Prat from Kansas state Senate compares getting raped to a flat tire. [link]

End of the world postponed for 5 months. [link]
They will not be advertising the next end-of-the-world.

Sorry, scratch that. We were judged last weekend. In 5 months the world ends. [link]

Who does work in the still toxic Fukushima nuclear power plant? People with fewer years remaining have started volunteering to do the work. [link]

Storm clouds over Kansas City. [link]
Ray, when someone asks you if you're a god, you say "YES"!

What book review phrases really mean. [link]

A better look at the buried city of Tanis and some lost pyramids. [link]

Robots developing their own language. [link]

In the game Just Cause 2 you have to parachute in to kill baddies. I think. Never played it. But here's a model of everywhere that people have gone splat.

Goddamn bacteria. That's MY coffee. [link]

Video compilation of Maru the strange looking Japanese cat done for it's birthday.

Marvel/DC Pirates of the Caribbean parody.

Oooh! New road trip car! [link]

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