Thursday, May 05, 2011

Movie Review: Hoodwinked Too - Hood vs Evil

I saw the original Hoodwinked movie and loved it. Yummy hated it. For some reason the original movie was like that - you either loved it or hated it. "Hoodwinked 2" is different. I don't think anyone is gonna come away thrilled with the experience.

At the end of the first movie several characters were recruited into a spy organization. Since then Red has gone off for special training at the temple where her granny trained. While away the Happily Ever After organization gets trashed by enemy operatives. Their ultimate goal is to steal the ultimate recipe from the temple of the sisterhood and become unstoppable. Along the way the movie is pretty weak.

Take the characters from the first movie and force them into a weak spy movie spoof. Anyone that they couldn't find roles for got forced into awkward places in the movie anyway. One of the more entertaining characters in the original was the squirrel who was so hyped up that you could rarely understand a word he said. He's pretty intelligible in this one. He worked for a wolf that was a knockoff of Fletch from the old Chevy Chase movies of the same name. He keeps one costume and loses most of the Fletchiness. Red now worships her Grannie and wants to be just like her. They're trying for a lesson about being your own person, but it doesn't really take until the very end of the movie when it takes place very suddenly.

It was very disappointing. Don't bother.

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