Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sod Off Wednesday: May 18

The Dougintology Department of Acquisitions is pleased to announce an addition to it's Museum of Technological Antiquities. This is a Philco Predicta TV from 1957-1958. I'm told it doesn't work,but to be honest I haven't actually tried. I found a guy who fixes these, but he has to hand make the parts. I should expect it to cost $500 to make it work. Of course, since the TV signals have changed since then it would be for playing the Pong system.
Yes, the museum has one of those, too.


GreenCanary said...

That TV is awesome. Too bad it smells like ass :-P

Can it be updated to work like a modern TV, but still look like an old TV?

Ibid said...

Probably, but I wouldn't want to mess with it too much. At most I'd want to build a converter box to make new devices adapt to the old connectors.