Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Game Review: Portal 2

I tend not to review games. Largely because I play them so long after they've come out that any review is meaningless. But I picked up "Portal 2" when it was still reasonably fresh so I get to try to tell you about it without giving away spoilers.

First of all this game is awesome. It has a sense of humor but still manages to make what seem to be jokes relevant to the story. The puzzles are pretty good. And there's a lot of them. But what you're playing for is the writing.

It actually feels like several games. The original Portal wasn't that long and the first 3/4 of the game were training levels. In "Portal 2" the game changes significantly as the story progresses. Each section of the story is about the same length as the whole of the original.

I wasn't far though the game when I decided this was one to play with Yummy. Just start over from the beginning and let her experience the whole thing. Really, the story and sense of humor is that good.

Alright, this review sucks. Everything I write feels like a spoiler.

Here. This is the beginning of the game. By now there are enough videos online that you can watch the whole game and not spend a dime. I'm posting the first part of the game just to get you hooked. It doesn't even get into the really good stuff like Cave Johnson, but shows you what you can expect.

We just got started on the two player mode. Yummy plays one robot. I'm the other. We have to work together to get through a whole new collection of tests.

I'm not sure how much replay value there is to this game, but I still think it was worth buying.

And here's the proper Cave Johnson quote collection that I thought I was posting on Friday Links.


GreenCanary said...

I'm in space! Space!

THE TURRETS ARE THE BEST. I wish there really was cake, though.

GreenCanary said...

And I wish that I didn't suck so hardcore on the 2-player mode. I took 0.05 steps to every 1 of yours! I just... stood there... staring at walls and not able to determine if what I was staring at was a wall, the ceiling, the floor, YOUR wall, YOUR ceiling, YOUR floor. Sad, I am. A better watcher than a player.