Friday, December 04, 2009

Friday Links: December 4

Microsoft likely to pay Fox News to remove it's content from Google. [link]
Really? They think this would somehow hurt Google? By removing one of the most biased new sources on the planet?

A garden done with gravitational lines to make the tree look like a gravitational well. [link]
I'd like to do something like this with tile some day.

Various wines from the bottom of the ocean. [link]

Great shots from the Hubble. [link]

Scale model webpage of the solar system. If printed it would probably run about a mile long. [link]

Pancake art. [link]

Lego Matrix


The Plaintiff in this case is a friend of someone I went to college with.

Coke to start making paintless cans. [link]

This is why you change your oil. [link]

In the War on Christmas it's good to know what stores are willing to go out of their way to feed Christian feelings of self importance. Here's a list of how stores score. [link]

Game: R.I.F.T - you're a robot navigating dangerous rooms to retrieve cake for your boss, The Blob. [link]

Stupid quote list from a used bookstore owner. [link]

Dr. Who coins to be released. [link]

Game: Tripeaks Reserve - reminds me of a version of solitaire I used to play. [link]

Wooden mirror...kinda. [link]

On top of the lies in Sarah Palin's book, the whole bus tour is a lie. Oh, there's a bus, but she's flying in a private jet. [link]

Ten reasons I'll never be a Republican. [link]
Yes, no matter what your personal views are, this is what the Republican party is and has been for the last 20 years. If you, too, are disgusted by the attitudes on the list maybe you aren't really a Republican.

Minimum wage machine. [link]

CIA magic tricks. [link]

Anatomy of a Black Hole animation. [link]

Geek forms of measurement. [link]

Best books of the Naughties. I've read 1, listened to 2, saw the movie version of a 4th. [link]

Here's a good excuse for dodging family holidays. They're bad for your health. [link]

Awesome door. [link]

There'd be more, but my home internet connection went down so you only get to see what I can reach behind the firewall at work.


Der_Muffinmann said...

This is the funniest thing I've seen this week. From the war-on-christmas website. This was a comment about the GAP commercial. "How dare they suggest we celebrate what we want? This is a Christian nation."

Ibid said...

The sad thing is that it's impossible to tell if someone who says that is kidding or not.