Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Exerpts from old conversations - part 4

Only one quote since it's kinda long.

ME: You are in a cubicle. You see a computer, a chair, and some paperwork.
Around you is a large cubicle farm. There is one exit to the west.
Suddenly a large Doug jumps out and licks your nose.
What do you do?

GC: Scenario: cubicle, computer, chair, paperwork, large nose-licking Doug. What do I do? I lick him back.

ME: The Doug grows confused and sits on the floor. Your manager is coming.
There is an exit to the west.
What do you do?

GC: I am sensing that I need to take the exit to the west... Perhaps drag the Doug along with me?

ME: You are in the corridor.
You are carrying a confused Doug. It is heavy.
Keanu Reeves runs into your cubicle and hides.
Your manager tells the Doug that he's supposed to be in a meeting. The Doug leaves.
Your inventory is empty.
Exits lead north and south. To the east is your cubicle. To the west is Keanu's cubicle.

Good thing I just got called to a meeting. I had no idea where I was going with this.

GC: I'm not sure either, but eventually I'm sure I'd end up on the ledge outside of the window, holding a cell phone while an unknown voice tells me to what to do.

ME: I was thinking more of having that whole scene go on in the background while sending you off to get the person who drank the last of the coffee and didn't make any more. That's what the Matrix was really all about. You laying the smack down on some idiot co-worker. The camera angles just didn't work out properly.

GC: I LOVE laying the smackdown. I'm very good at it.

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