Friday, December 25, 2009

Friday Links: Christmas Day

Yet another scale of the universe video.

Terry Pratchett on religion.

Earth with rings.
Further analysis of the concept by the Bad Astronomer. [link]

Bacteria driven gears. [link]

Light reflecting off methane lake on Titan. [link]

Patrick Stewart to be knighted. Also has a silly mustache. [link]

Mad tape measure skills.
and [link]

Stargate Studios shows how little they use sets and onsite footage.

They're making a Marmaduke movie. [teaser]

The Pope thinks he can restrict the use of his image. What? Does he think he's Muslim or something? [link]

Naturally I have to blaspheme.
From Dougintology

Lost book of Stanislaw Lem found. It's a Stalin satire that he hid to avoid getting executed. [link]

Favorite cookie recipes from Gourmet magazine's history. [link]

Slow but interesting video about how this guy put a GPS logger on his cat. [link]

Kindle DRM cracked. [link]

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