Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday links: December 11

Batman's Google results.

Commodity trading and bad code design don't mix. [link]

Christmas tree rental services. After Christmas your tree gets planted. [link]

Cassini's picture of Saturn's moon Enceladus venting. [link]

Neutraface: The music video.

Prohibition Era bowling alley found. [link]

The Dawn probe has entered the asteroid belt. It still has awhile to go before it reaches it's first point of interest, the asteroid Vesta.

A small New Zealand company sends a rocket into "space". Flock of sheep startled. Video available at link. [link]

Creatures getting eaten. [link]

Body armor for dogs. [link]

Four decades of New York destruction on film set to music.

Top 20 guitar riffs as picked by guitarists. [link]

Steve Wozniak: How I Invented the Personal Computer.

Astronaut drops a feather and a hammer on the moon.

Olympic torch pictures. Shows how they move the flame across oceans. [link]

Pictures of actors reproducing some of their more famous scenes. (translated from Russian. [link]

Petition to prevent condos from being built on New Jersey's only and high yielding fossil site. [link]

Onion cover: Three Eminent Biologists And A Child Actor Weigh In On Evolution. [link]

Donkey Kong bookshelves. [link]

VSS Enterprise prepares to launch. No, that's not a typo. [link]
Pictures. [link]

Mom refuses to feed her children. "God will provide." [link]
Does it count if Doug provides by throwing her sorry ass in prison and gives her kids to someone else?

(1) I really want God to be real.
(2) If you wish for something really hard, it’ll come true.
(3) Therefore, God exists.
More. [link]

An honest explanation of the content of the hacked climate change e-mails and the alleged cover up of bad data.

Time lapse video of starfish and big honkin' worms eating a seal. [link]

Hokey Pokey composer dies at age 104. [link]

Hobo nickel makers and collectors. [link]
What a horrible thing to do to money. Particularly old money.

Someday soon I will get and make this. [link]

If you liked "Japanese Spiderman" you'll love "Superman: The Musical."

How to make a möbius Bagel. [link]

Time for the annual link to the scary Santa site. [link]

15 failed predictions. [link]

Awesome e-mail conversation. [link]

An article that should be in Psychiatry Today or Scientific American instead of The Onion. [link]

North Carolina trying to enforce illegal law banning atheists from holding political office. [link]

Trailer for the "Kids in the Hall" new series. They say they didn't break up, they just stopped doing anything together.

Steampunk house. [link]

A home owners association banned a 90 year old Medal of Honor winner from putting up a flag pole. After pretty much the whole world objected they backed down. [link]
The Medal of Honor was actually for taking out several machine gun nests single handedly. Dunno where this crap about tanks came from.

Science cookies. [link]

Saturn's south pole has a storm shaped like a hexagon and has had it at least since the 70's. Here's an animation of it taken by Cassini. [link]

Is it me or are these lists of links getting way too long?

Game: Infectionator - a chain reaction game. Release the zombie virus and beat all the levels in less than 60 seconds. [link]

Game: Continuity - a sliding puzzle game where the sliding pieces are parts of the level you're navigating. [link]

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