Wednesday, September 10, 2008


This summer's gardening was a bit disappointing.

I never got around to bothering with the potato barrel this year.

The corn got about half as tall as I'd expect it to grow and then stopped. The leaves never curled up like it's done in some other summers. It didn't turn brown like in the beating Kansas sun. So it wasn't a lack of water.

I've concluded that the mint I got from my brother must be wintergreen since it thrived right up until it hit freezing out and bounced back when it warmed a bit, but did awful during the summer months.

The watermelon plants did yield something. I'm pretty sure the reason they failed in the past was because the mailman dropped packages on them.

Here they are. My watermelons.



GreenCanary said...

That is the cutest little watermelon I've ever seen. It's almost bite-sized!

Ibid said...

I ate the bigger of the two. It was a perfect one person serving.

You should see the potatoes I grew a few years back.

GreenCanary said...

This gave me an idea... Seedless watermelons the size of apples, with skins soft enough (and tasty enough) to bite through. Then you can pack them in your lunch like a pear and eat 'em on the go! Or maybe it would be better if it was like an avocado, so you could scoop out the melon... *thinking*

Ibid said...

A great way to mess with people:
Take an orange and a sharp knife. Cut a hole in the orange the diameter of the knife blade. Maybe a bit bigger if necessary, but try to keep it fairly small. Through that hole you want to cut the inside of the orange into bits and remove them until the orange is largely hollow. Take the orange to a public place and ride the elevator. Have a very animated discussion with a friend. Wave the orange all over so that people see it. Just before you leave the elevator put the hole to your mouth and suck out all the air causing the rind to collapse. Casually toss it away as if this is a regular thing.

GreenCanary said...

Very tricksy, my tricky friend. Veeeeeeeeeeery tricksy...