Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Graphic Novel Review: Y - The Last Man

I'm not sure when this comic originally ran. Largely because I don't care. I recently discovered a ten part series called "Y: The Last Man". It is about, surprise surprise, the last human male.

For reasons that never become completely clear, all the male mammals on Earth died at the same moment. All except for a guy named Yorick and the helper monkey he was trying to train. That means 497 of the CEOs in the Fortune 500 are dead. The vast majority of commercial pilots are dead. Most of the government. Most engineers. Most truck drivers. On and on like that. Most of the world goes to shit in real short order. Peace breaks out in places where there's been war for centuries while war break out where peace had reigned. And Yorick just wants to get to Australia to find his girlfriend/fiance.

Yorick's mother, the Secretary of Agriculture, is now President. The few women who were ahead of her in the line of succession were on planes piloted by men. So they're dead. His sister, Hero, has joined a group called Sisters of the Amazon who cut off a breast and behave as a violent gang. They destroy the sperm banks and once they know Yorick is alive they want to kill him so he can't bring back the men and subjugate women again. Yorick and a woman that his mother assigned to guard him head to Boston to find a woman doing clone research so they can figure out why Yorick lived and see if they can start cloning the next generation.

That's all in the first book or two.

They spend the series crisscrossing the country and then the globe hiding, fighting, making friends and enemies. The men on the ISS are still alive and trying to get to Earth. Women from Israel are trying to take Yorick back with them.

It's a pretty good series. The downside is that there's 10 book and graphic novels aren't cheap. Split it with some friends and trade them around. See if the library has a copy.

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