Monday, September 29, 2008

TV news

"Smallville" and "Supernatural" episodes are finally up on the CW website. They're running a week behind the broadcast. There are other sites that allow you to watch them sooner but they're of lesser quality and probably illegal.

The new "Knight Rider" is nothing special. I mean it might be on par with the original but that was a long time ago and I was a kid. I thought that "Air Wolf" was good. I've seen some reruns and realize now that it (Air Wolf) was crap. If I were still a kid I might like this one. It doesn't seem bad but so far it's not my cup of tea. Even so I'll probably watch a few more episodes just to see if it gets better. Or if the background story becomes a bit more engaging.
You can watch it at
You can view the master list of streaming video at

Joss Whedon shut down filming for his new show "Dollhouse" for two weeks. This scared the heck out of a lot of fans. After all, he's dealing with Fox who seem to have murdered "Firefly".
Depending on who you hear it from Joss either thought that a lot of the later episodes sucked and he needed time to try to fix them OR he had directed a couple of episodes personally so he hadn't the time to properly sculpt the later episodes. In either case the show shall go on.

I should also point out the new show "The Mentalist".
It's on CBS, which is kind of surprising. CBS is traditionally the old folks and religious show station. They play the shows about angels and ghosts and psychics.
"The Mentalist" has a central theme of saying all that stuff is hooey. The main character is a former TV psychic who turned from his fraudster ways after his wife was killed by a serial killer. Now he's a member of the California Bureau of Investigation and uses his powers of observation to catch criminals.
It is a cop show so I may still tune it out after a few episodes. But I think that a lot of people who think "Touched by an Angel" is a documentary should be watching this show. He demonstrates how "psychics" work and often explains how the trick was done.
I'll be adding it to my list of shows to watch. The link is up above.

So far I've been able to go without using broadcast TV. There are some reasons for this that may not apply to everyone.
I skipped the debates. But those may well have been on C-Span or something.
I don't watch sports. At all. These may be streaming somewhere but I don't care enough about where to look it up.

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