Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Book Review: Zoe's Tale

I just finished reading "Zoe's Tale" by John Scalzi.

There are lots of great science fiction writers. Names that you see and you know they're good - or at least mostly good. Names like Asimov, Clarke, Adams, and Heinlein who are all dead now. Or names like Niven who still write but whose best years are behind them. It can be hard to find a good science fiction writer who is writing today. John Scalzi is one of them. His is a name that makes me grab the book just because he wrote it. And I haven't been disappointed yet.

"Zoe's Tale" is the fourth book to take place in his Old Man's War Universe.
You can read up on the others by clicking the titles below.
Old Man's War
The Ghost Brigades
The Last Colony

Not in that universe but also recommended is The Android's Dream

"Zoe's Tale" basically retells "The Last Colony" but from the perspective of the teenage girl Zoe instead of from the perspective of her adoptive parents. The first book was her adoptive father's tale, the second was her adoptive mother's tale, the third book was the colonies' tale, and this one is Zoe's. You can read it without having read the others first, but I think you'll appreciate it more if you have the background.

You can read some of Scalzi's other work and samples from one of his books at http://www.scalzi.com/whatever/004930.html

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