Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Find your heart pills and control your excitement. I'm doing two posts in one day.

Wow, New Orleans was evacuated, the make shift levees held, the federal and state governments were responsive, FEMA was ready to take action... It looks like George Bush and friends actually did something right.

Just remember that THAT is what the real news is. They went against eight years of tradition and DIDN'T screw up royally. Nine years ago this wouldn't have been news. We expected FEMA to work under the Clinton administration. Most people hadn't even heard of the agency back then because they routinely did such a wonderful job. It's only fixed because they broke it in the first place.

You may have heard that former DNC chairman Don Fowler and filmmaker Michael Moore both made comments along the line that hurricane Gustav was proof of the existence of God. Don Fowler was implying that God was reminding the world of hurricane Katrina just as the FEMA Killers (a.k.a. the GOP, a.k.a. the Republican Party) were having their convention. Michael Moore was trying to make a joke that reminded people that Republicans televangelists Pat Robertson, Hal Lindsey, and John Hagee as well as Watergate conspirator Charles Colson all made similar claims in 2005 saying that Katrina was God's wrath on the wicked city of New Orleans.
What Fowler and Moore failed to remember is that the press isn't likely to print the whole background behind their comments and just present them at face value.

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