Friday, August 15, 2008

Razor review

I've had a hard time with electric razors in the past. They just don't work worth a damn. My face may look stubble free but if you touch it you'll soon know better. After a few weeks they start putting off ozone and die. My facial hair is stronger than your standard stubble.

So I switched to a Gillette Mach 3. It works pretty well. It lasts a good long time before it gets dull. It makes my face smooth for awhile. But I get a lot of ingrown hairs by doing that. Most hairs are left sharp enough to cut their way out from under my skin but some burrow around underneath until I get at them with a needle. Then I have wounds on my face and neck and it makes it look like I have more zits than I really do.

I recently got a Norelco T765 to trim my beard. I could have gotten one a lot cheaper with a lot more features and attachments, but I wanted something that would last. I only use it about once a week. It seems to do the job and it doesn't smell weird yet. But it's only been a month.

A few days ago I got a Wahl Super Close. My barber recommended it. I wanted something industrial strength that wouldn't burn out. The problem is that it hurts. I'm trying to give it time. Let my face adjust. Just like before it seems to clear my face but you can still feel the stubble. But it's not like anyone is feeling my face. If I get there I can switch back to the Mach 3.
The really odd part is that my neck feels smooth but in the mirror I can still see quite a few hairs. I'm still gonna have to shave my next with the Mach 3 and that's where I get most of the ingrown stuff.

Watch this space. As they burn out I'll keep you informed.

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