Monday, August 11, 2008

Movie Review: Stargate: Continuum

I watched the new Stargate movie this weekend. There was some question about whether it would be any good. The show was recently canceled after 10 season and their attention given to "Stargate: Atlantis". They'd put out a decent DVD not too long ago to wrap up one of the major threads left dangling when the show ended. "Stargate: Continuum" does much the same thing.

All the System Lords have been wiped out except for Ba'al who had cloned himself a few hundred times to make sure he had a loyal army and to confuse our heroes. It also meant they could kill him as often as they liked and still have a villain. But now the last Ba'al has been captured and SG1 is attending a grand ceremony where the symbiont would be removed from his body. It turns out that there's still the original Ba'al running around. He's got a time machine that sends him back to the cargo hold of the ship that brought the Ring over from Egypt just before WWII. He sets a bomb and zips off to take power among the System Lords with all his knowledge of future events.

Meanwhile, back at the ceremony, people start disappearing in a puff of smoke as history gets rewritten. Only three manage to get through the Stargate to escape. Of course, since they went through at a key moment they don't get erased like everyone else. They arrive back on an alternative Earth that hasn't yet got a working Stargate. However, the people on this world don't want history fixed since that would mean they'd vanish. The team is split up and given new lives all over the country so they can't work together to try to fix the time line. That is, of course, until everything goes wrong.

If you watched "Stargate: SG1" when it was on TV then you'll like this movie. I'm not sure if it's worth paying full price for. Borrow it from someone or rent a copy.

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