Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Cinema Effect Part II: Realisms

Another exhibit I saw last weekend was the second part of "The Cinema Effect" at the Hirshhorn. I liked the first part, Dreams. The second part, Realisms, is very skipable.

This exhibit seemed to be trying to be based on the idea that if it's on TV it must be important. How wrong they were. The most interesting exhibits were the most surreal. Lets see how much I haven't blocked out in the last few days.

There was one room with city scenes projected on all 4 walls. They were supposed to be New York, but with careful observation you can see it's really a Hollywood set.

One woman hired 5 women that look like her to live her life and then interviewed them.

Two rooms have 6 screens lined up. They took tear jerking scenes and blacked out everything but the central character. One room for women and one for men. They the videos are played to form a sort of rhythm.

Video of the OJ Simpson trial is played but with the characters turned into construction paper cutouts.

Scenes from the movie "Dog Day Afternoon" are played mixed in with scenes from the events that the movie was based on. In the next room the guy who was the real head of the bank heist explains what really happened.

In one room an interviewer and interviewee are projected on opposite walls. They're from some Eastern European country and I gathered that one guy went on TV and was on a reality show or spoke out about something and it got him in trouble.

One room has 4 screens showing seemingly random scenes in a desert, an arctic setting, and a water setting. There are people walking through these scenes. Some of them almost approach being interesting.

You could sit and watch everything and it would take most of the day. I blew through in about 45 minutes.

Don't bother unless you've nothing better to do.

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