Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Book Review: Soon I Will Be Invincible

On the flight back to DC I read "Soon I Will Be Invincible" by Austin Grossman.

Chapter 1 -
Chapter 2 -

The story is told by two people. Odd numbered chapters are written by the super villain, Doctor Impossible. Even are by the cyborg hero, Fatale.

Doctor Impossible suffers from "Malign Hypercognition Disorder" ("evil genius" syndrome). He was a smart kid on an accelerated learning program. An outcast in school and college he had an experiment in Zeta Beam technology go wrong when lesser genius and popular guy, Jason something, stepped into the beam while saving Doctor Impossible's love interest. Jason became the nigh invulnerable CoreFire. The woman became a reporter and CoreFire's love interest. Doctor Impossible's grad student career continued until he rushed another experiment due to his funds about to dry up. When the explosion cleared he was stronger, had bulletproof skin, and was even smarter than before.

Fatale was in South America somewhere for some reason when there was an wreck. They rebuilt her. Faster, stronger, better. She was a super hero for a bit but the group that built her vanished and left her without tech support. She worked for the NSA for a period but they fired her. She was pretty much on her own until the start of this book.

When our story begins Doctor Impossible is serving his 10th prison sentence in a cell completely bare except for some painted spots on the floor.
Fatale has just been invited to The Champion's crisis room.

CoreFire is missing. They think Dr. Impossible is responsible even though he's imprisoned and watched around the clock. Of course in order to interrogate him they have to take him to the interrogation room which he can escape from.

Doctor Impossible starts in on his latest brilliant scheme to take over the world while The New Champions endeavor to stop him.

It's a fun and easy read that gets into the motivations and psyche of some characters. Mostly the villains. It's not unlike reading about Harry Potter's father's relationship with young Snape.

Not in my top 10 or probably even 25 favorite books but one I recommend for a bit of fun, light reading.

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