Monday, June 30, 2008

Movie Review: Wall-E

"Wall-E" is a Pixar movie. I don't think anything else needs to be said.

You know how "The Incredibles" was great animated cartoon but not terribly funny? It was more like a super hero movie with a humorous element. "Wall-E" is a science fiction movie with a humorous element.

Wall-E is a waste elimination robot. Quite possibly the last one on Earth. Certainly the last in his neighborhood. 700 years ago the garbage problem became so severe that the humans jumped in space ships and left. They were supposed to be colonizing a new world. Instead they found a place in a distant nebula and stayed there. The WALL-E model robots stayed behind to clean up. Now there is only one. As parts break he just pulls replacements off of other dead Wall-Es.

One day a ship lands and released a probe droid. Wall-E, who has been watching the same old romantic movie nearly every day for who knows how long, falls in love and follows her. When she finds what she came looking for she shuts down and sends a signal for her to be retrieved. Wall-E grabs on to the ship that comes for her and returns to the human ship with her.

I tell you that much because you can see most of that from the trailers.

There is very little dialog in this movie. Only 7 human actors were used for voices. One of the central characters is performed by MacInTalk software. I think it was the Ralph setting.

There are several messages in this movie. A fairly obvious one about protecting the environment. Another about living too much inside our own computers. A third about giving too much control over to the robots. A fourth about working to solve our problems instead of running away.

I'd suggest your kids be 7 or 8 years old before you take them to see this. The theater was packed with 5 year olds that were getting scared.

I will be getting this on DVD.

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Mike Rhode said...

Very basic story, but a good movie