Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Book Review: World War Z

I forget what author recommended this book. I just know that I'd seen this book on the shelves and gave it a pass. But an author that I respect put it on his list of favorite reads. And I see why now.

"World War Z" by Max Brooks is a collection of people telling their own stories from the Zombie War. Not short stories. More like a documentary. And put the zombie bit out of your mind. Sure, the enemy was the living dead but the book reads like a war story.

The author claims that he was on Congress' committee to write the after action report on the war. Sort of like the 9-11 Commission but for the Zombie War. But half of his work was cut from the final report for being too personal. They wanted facts, figures, numbers, and quantifiable data. But that's not what war is about. War is about the people. In this case it's about the survivors.

The author has traveled the world for these interviews. He interviewed a doctor in China who was one of the first to encounter the infection. He interviewed surgeons in South America who accidentally implanted an infected organ in a patient. He interviews priests in Russia who helped resurrect the faith and establish a new Holy Russian Empire. He interviews people in India who tell about people trying to board ships that were being scrapped. He interviews Germans who talk about how they came up with their strategy for dealing with zombies. A Palestinian talks about Israel's early acceptance and response to the crisis. We read about the early military disasters in fighting back the waves of undead and later we read about the American push to clear out every last one when the people are safe(ish) in their camps.

Really, it's a fabulous book. You should at least pick up a copy in the bookstore and read a tale or two. If they don't sell you on the book then it's just not your kind of book.

This one goes in my top 25 books selection.

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I read this book and I loved it