Thursday, June 05, 2008

Enchanted Forest

I went back out to Merritt Island to get a look around and see if I could get a better look at the shuttle assembly building or anything. Turns out there's a lot of gates that I didn't see yesterday. I didn't see anything new.

Instead of turning around and heading back I took a different route. Shortly after leaving the island I found the "Enchanted Forest Wildlife Preserve".

I pulled up and looked inside the building. There was one person way back in her office but that was it. So I grabbed a map and headed out. Driving around the area there's lots of foliage just off the road. I kept wanting to pull over and poke around. This was better.

There were about a zillion of those Florida lizards.
I saw ant lions in their natural habitat.
I got a good close look at spanish moss. It's clearly in the bromeliad family.
There were lots of other kinds of bromeliad growing wild. Itty bitty ones and ones the size of my foot.
I saw my first live armadillo. It didn't seem to notice or care that I was there. It just went shuffling around under the filth. There was also a huge orange tree that crept in from one of the area orange farms.

I didn't hit all the trails. Most are in the shade and I scurried in places that weren't shaded. But there's just enough trails and it's humid enough that even I had to bow out after a few miles. But I snuck out with some tiny bromeliads and an orange that fell in the path.

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