Friday, June 13, 2008

Movie review: Prince Caspian

I wasn't planning to see this movie. I wasn't impressed with the first one and just wasn't feeling the need to see the sequel. But I was in Florida, I'd checked out of my hotel. I needed to kill time before catching a train that evening. So I hit the mall. There was a showing of "Prince Caspian" about to start so I went in.

In the first story our heroes find a magical Biblical allegory in the back of a wardrobe. There they become royalty and live out their lives before coming back to find only a few hours have passed.

Now a year has passed since they returned. Someone in Narnia blows a horn and our heroes are whisked off of a train platform and sent back to allegory land just several centuries after they left. We get a history lesson that explains how once they left the neighboring kingdom of humans swarmed in and killed all the magical creatures.

Now Regent has tried to kill Prince Caspian the Tenth so the Regent can take over for good. Caspian escapes and almost immediately stumbles upon the surviving magical creatures who have been hiding for centuries and thought extinct. He blew the magical horn that summoned our heroes.

Together they develop a plan to invade the castle and reclaim the kingdom for Caspian so he can return Narnia to the magical creatures. Of course, there's a voice of dissent. The little girl thinks that they should wait around for a lion to come save them all. If they all just have faith the lion will save them all.

Here, this cartoon tells it better. (source:

I did like this movie better than the original. And once you get past the idiotic message that Jesus will stop an army of thousands if you just believe hard enough it's not bad.

I will not be getting it on DVD.

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