Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Not even a good try

I loan some video games and DVDs to the neighbor kids. All but the Grand Theft Auto games. For those I insist upon a note from their parents. The kids insist their parents don't care and I believe them. I'm still not loaning them these games without a note.

So a couple of kids show up about half an hour ago (this is Tuesday the 27th at 6:47 PM). They have a note and a busted digital camera. The note is written in a horrible scrawl on the back of a movie ticket stub. It says "My son [scribble] have". They say one of their dads wrote it but can't agree on whose it was. They explain that the scribble is "can" and there's an "it" squished at the very bottom. Also, someone's dad wanted me to have his digital camera.

Now, this is DC so I can almost accept that their father is a barely literate buffoon with the handwriting of a kindergartner. But I think even he would use something better than the back of a movie ticket and give me a VERY broken digital camera. So I let them tell their story a bit before telling them I don't believe a word of it and why.

I go back inside. I open the bedroom window. They've gotten another piece of paper and their pencil stub and are sitting on my front porch writing another note on a slightly larger piece of paper. I lean out the window and watch them bicker it out for about a minute before I'm noticed. They run off.

A bit later I take out some garbage. They're at the corner sitting on the sidewalk working on their note.

This note.

That's right. They came back and tried to sell me this nonsense again.

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