Friday, June 20, 2008


I was listening to NPR this morning (OK, Wednesday morning) and listened to a report about the Christians in California responding to the recently legalized gay marriage. They think they'll get the state constitution changed so that courts can't say the ban is illegal. I hope their wrong.

So on the way to work I found myself singing a little ditty.

If you're a bigot and you know it say "Amen".
If you're a bigot and you know it say "Amen".
If you're a bigot and you know it
You know exactly how to show it
If you're a bigot and you know it say "Amen".

Yeah, there's a few religious people who aren't against two people of the same gender getting married. But they're few and far between.

Personally, I think the subject of marriage, gay or not, is a religious one. I'd take the government out of the equation completely. Just establish a legal contract between two people for all the same benefits of a marriage but call it something else. And if someone wants to use the word "marriage" then they can find a church willing to do it. Make it a fight between faiths and churches. As public opinion shifts one way or another churches can succeed or fail depending on how open minded or bigoted the local population is.


kiwigirl said...

My big problem with that - is I'm female, straight, and completely not relgious. Almost a little anti-religion I would say. But I can get "married".

So - why shouldn't my gay friends be able to?

Ibid said...

female, straight, and not religious
Would you care to go get drinks sometime?