Thursday, November 08, 2007

Solar Decathlon: Enough of the plants already!

Let's finish up the Solar Decathlon plant features

This house channeled all the rain to one point. From there the spout shoots it into a basin. From the basin there's three gutters with holes in them that run off to the sides to water plants. They said there's a basin under the deck to hold more water for dry spells.

The house with the scaffolding around it had a trellis clipped to the scaffold. The plants grow up and shade the house. My problem is that it also allows a place for mosquitoes to hide when the little bastards should be dying from heatstroke under the beating August sun. DIE YOU LITTLE BASTARDS! DIE!

A nice greenhouse for people with good knees.

A lovely water feature was built into this deck. I believe there were goldfish in there if for no other reason than to eat the mosquito larve that the standing water will attract. Stupid mosuitoes. I hate them so much.

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