Thursday, November 15, 2007

Return to roof

I gotta give Eric and his boys credit. They went up on my roof Wednesday morning, tore the surface off the roof, replaced the bad wood, put down insulation, covered the insulation, and got the rubber sheeting all put on in one day.

When I got home around 5:00 I saw someone on the roof waving a torch around. When I stuck my head through the newly re-opened hatch I saw them sealing around the pipes that stick through the roof. Everything else was done.

I'm used to tar for roof work. They used the torch to melt rubber sheets together and to make them stick to most everything else.

They had an extra guy or two up there to speed things along because they knew that today was gonna be a wet one. Really, if you're not in the area you don't know, but today is a real stress test for any roof.

They do have to come back Friday. They need to seal over the walls I share with my neighbors. Don't want water getting between the walls. Then they're gonna silver the rubber. That's when they paint the roof with a highly reflective material so birds flying over the house have heatstroke instead of the sun heating the roof.

I highly recommend using Eric and his crew at "CCI" for any serious housework. There's none of that starting a job and then vanishing for a few weeks. The work is solid and fast. He does it like he was working on his own house.

I posted his phone number after he finished my back wall. You can look it up for yourself or ask me.

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